Managed Virtual Servers

Managed Virtual Servers

Reset your risks while reducing your operational IT costs by transferring management of your virtual servers to vSmart's expert staff.


Technology management with intense effort and risk is a very difficult and tiring process. The density of software from different manufacturers prevents vertical specialization of your IT staff, while access and service quality problems in infrastructures that are not managed at manufacturer standards will cause your organization to lose prestige. It is precisely at this point that you can bill the needs of your entire infrastructure, such as installation, configuration, management, update, backup and disaster recovery center, to our professional, vertically specialized staff at a monthly cost.


  • What is Managed Virtual Server Service?
    • Your daily IT operations are transferred to an expert and certified staff.
    • All operations are carried out in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer and in accordance with your demands.
    • Problem detection and troubleshooting work is done by Cloud Provider (vSmart).
    • Transmitted backup and return strategies are implemented.
    • In order for the server to work uninterruptedly and efficiently, business continuity strategies that are transmitted on demand are implemented.
  • What are the Advantages of Managed Virtual Servers?
    • Cost advantage
    • Expert staff at manufacturer standards
    • High performance
    • Professional support
    • Fast business processes
  • Who is it ideal for?
    • Anyone needing information technologies infrastructure equipped with the latest virtualization technologies
    • Anyone who doesn't want to make initial investment costs for Data center and server infrastructure
    • Anyone who wants to manage their IT infrastructure procurement processes efficiently and simply
    • Anyone wanting to supply increasing or decreasing server capacity management in the fastest way
    • Anyone who wants to make the ideal budget planning with flexible packages according to the performance needs


    • Server Location İstanbulAnkara
    1999,00 /MT





  • 1 Gbps warranty local bandwidth
  • Unlimited Internet Traffic
  • Be able to write rules regardless of network segment with Micro Segmentation
  • Private VPN and Load Balancer management with all its contents


  • Latest Intel® Processor Models
  • Up to 4 TB of RAM support
  • Up to 100TB Enterprise SAS SSD storage


  • VMware vCenter®/VMware vSphere v6.7
  • vCloud Director 
  • VMware NSX®
  • VMware vSAN
  • VMware vSphere® Replication™, Zerto® , ya da VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension
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