Backup and Archiving

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Backup and Archiving

Back-up and archiving are vital in terms of the long-term use of the data obtained by the institutions as a result of many years of experience. The data should be backed up in a reusable and easily recallable form for whenever it's required. While technology brings many advantages, it also carries risks. Backup and archiving systems eliminate the risk of data stored in electronic environments being lost in the case of a possible system crash or malfunction, and offers institutions to peace of mind as to the storage of their data . As the size and amount of data stored increases throughout the years, the possibility of encountering various problems in backup systems increases. For this reason, vSmart provides fast reading of backed up and archived data, as well as the identification and backing up of data that is important to organisations. We improve the backup and archiving systems of the existing institutions while creating new, flexible, low cost, innovative, easy-to-manage archiving infrastructures that can meet the needs of your institution.

The benefits of the backup and archiving infrastructure to the institutions

  • Easy and efficient adaptation to new conditions with a flexible infrastructure
  • Lower cost, higher performance
  • High efficiency with advanced infrastructure
  • Secure data backup and archiving with minimal risk
  • Increased management control and convenience
  • Multi-processing convenience within a single system
While vSmart Bilişim plans for the correct backup and archiving of the data by creating the existing risk maps of the institutions, it also creates environments where the data can be easily followed


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