About Us

About Us

With our team of experienced staff, and access to the latest state of the art technology, vSmart Information Technologies offers solutions in modernising and expanding the information infrastructure of companies and establishments which wish to adhere to current world standards. Our company, which aims to share from our vast experience in the industry, prioritises quality above all else.

Therefore, all of our education, consultation, maintenance, support and outsourcing services are provided via specialists with broad real world experience in their respective field. A few of the manufacturers we offer data center and infrastructure solutions for include VMware, Microsoft, Linux, EMC, Dell and Veeam. Our engineers are officially certified by these companies to provide relevant education and consultation services.

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Our strength comes from customer satisfaction.

vSmart Information Technologies provides quick problem solving and infrastructure planning solutions based on years of experience.

  • Providing comprehensive services from a single point of operation.
  • Experienced, certified staff with a extensive field experience.
  • Providing services in the fields of professional education, consultancy and maintenance support,
  • Providing up-to-date technological solutions with the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Offering developable solutions suitable for companies.
  • In partnership with leading IT manufacturers.
  • Offering comprehensive, A-to-Z services.
  • Providing VMware training and VMware consultancy services in partnership with the official VMware Training Services Provider and VMware Professional Services Provider under one roof.
Our Greatest

Vision, is to be your first choice.

We aim to become the leading brand in the cloud computing and virtualization industry, and the first choice of industry employees and customers.

Our Greatest

Mission, is to stay up to date at all times.

It is our company's primary mission to follow the latest technological developments, offer efficient innovations to customers, and strengthen the quality service understanding with high value solutions.

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