Managed Services

Managed Services

Transfer your risks and workloads to vSmart in the field of Information Technologies!

The general definition of "managed services" in the field of information technologies is the acquisition of in-house operations at lower costs, with lower operational risks. Extending the scope of the Maintenance & Support service, the management of the service is completely transferred to vSmart, including operations such as upgrades or transitions planned for existing structures. 

The management of these services offered at the company site, or via the Public-Hybrid-vSmart Cloud, is completely done by vSmart. Existing services are provided within the determined SLA framework. 

In the service process, the most appropriate model is determined for the enterprises with the following steps.

With Health Analysis, a health screening of the services planned to be transferred in the current structure is performed and presented as an executive summary. Products used at this stage, licensing, hardware and software inventory, and business continuity needs will be determined after an examination by the IT team.

  • The report created in line with the information received is shared with IT management. The type and scope of the services to be taken are determined.  
  • The services and details to be received by the institution are transferred over the defined scope. Each solution model has its own strengths and advantages. This scope, which is essential for reducing operating costs and taking over risks, initiates the necessary arrangements and improvements in the IT infrastructure of the organization in order to perform the service in a suitable and high-quality manner.
  • Periodic visits, opened and resolved calls, improvements and updates are reported. 

The list of the most commonly offered services is as follows;

  • Backup
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Center
  • Network Solutions
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions

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