By staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments, vSmart upgrades the existing infrastructure of institutions to new and more efficient versions while also installing newer systems. Thus, institutions and firms are prevented from lagging behind, and ensured to recieve the latest innovations quickly. Our company plans to transfer security settings, operation & data control, and management of old applications to new versions and applications without interruption, while also providing design and post-application support and maintenance services. By doing this, the systems of our customers are updated without any service interruption or data loss.

Corporate IT infrastructures are highly variable and diverse. A wide range of IT infrastructure solutions include many different solutions such as telecommunications, hardware and software. The IT maintenance and support required for ensuring user productivity and obtaining maximum efficiency from the infrastructures are provided from a single point by our expert team.


Senior and Experienced Consultants

Our company prepares a flexible program in order to meet the high SLA requirements of the customers with its wide staff consisting of technical experts. Thanks to the flexible plans prepared entirely for the customers' needs, it is aimed that the institutions will have a higher business performance after the application. It should be remembered that building a infrastructure from scratch will always be more costly. The maintenance and support services provided by our company will ensure that the technical problems and malfunctions are resolved in a timely manner and the profile of low profile infrastructures will increase and overall performance will increase.

As vSmart, the following services are provided to our customers in the field of maintenance and support:

  • Reduced costs for the IT infrastructure that customers have
  • Profit from IT maintenance and support in the short and long term
  • Ensurance that all IT systems run smoothly
  • Prevention of failures and interruptions that may occur by providing timely and effective solutions
  • Preventing the occurrence of faults and technical problems that can seriously harm the institutions.
  • Increasing system performance and productivity
  • Increasing and maintaining user satisfaction

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