Disaster Recovery

can strike anytime... Is your business ready?

Disaster Recovery Center

Secure your accessibility in a data center of your own choice, or vSmart's professional infrastructure built entirely on SDDC

In order for organizations to achieve the efficiency and performance they desire for their business, their systems' equipment, data storage and backup services must work properly. Any malfunctions, problems, errors or changes that may occur involuntarily in physical environments in any of the existing hardware or software can negatively affect your day-to-day business life, and cause serious losses or damages. In order to prevent these and ensure business continuity, you must have a disaster prevention system in place. In the event of a disaster that may occur (flood, earthquake, fire, system failures and human errors), it is important that work can continue with the least amount of damage and loss, and that the necessary plans and preparation for correct and effective resumed operation of all systems are in place. In this sense, vSmart provides a disaster recovery service that enables organisations to keep their entire business ready for operation in case of a possible disaster, in order to maintain effective business continuity, and minimise losses through automatic activation at the first sign of disaster.

vSmart Disaster Recovery Center

You can safely host your servers in the vSmart Data Center (TIER III) and put them into service immediately in the event of a disaster.

VSmart in case of a possible disaster:

  • Taking precautions to prevent interruption
  • Immediate response to systems in the event of disaster
  • Risk minimalisation
  • Structuring and building corporate infrastructures on business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • Periodic testing and recovery of the disaster recovery system
  • Providing solutions and support services to customers in a complete and well equipped manner.


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