Hyper Convergence

the Force of Hyper-Convergence

Why is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Important?

Integrated infrastructure studies are being renewed with technology every day, and at the point when they arrive, they are called hyper converged systems. With this system, server and data storage platforms are provided in a single box, with simple, plug-and-play ease of use. You can reduce your infrastructure costs via integrated infrastructure-hyper converged systems which contain all the systems needed to meet backup, archiving, storage, virtualization, disaster recovery, cloud systems and business continuity in a single box. In line with the growing demands of your company, you can easily reach the systems you need by increasing the number of boxes.

Achievements with Hyper-Converged

It is of great importance that the infrastructures of institutions are updated and renewed in a healthy way.

Each system consists of more than one component, and they must all work in harmony. Updating one of them can bring incompatibility, as well as causing job losses. Integrated Infrastructure-Hyper Converged Systems can respond to needs and risks when such problems occur. Updates available within this system are applied with minimal risk, covering all parts of the system, not just the individual components. Through this, the possibility of incompatibility between system components is eliminated, and all infrastructure systems are kept in an up-to-date and renewable state.  


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